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QR codes are basically a type of barcode which represents information to your clients in two different dimensions. These are readable in nature and store tons of information in this modern world of technology.

The introduction of QR codes in your current marketing strategy can help you generate customers, drive traffic and boost sales in no time.

These can be done through print, online, and emails. Keeping up with online QR code generators helps you to live by the trend.

We at Online QR Codes generator offer a golden opportunity to enter any URL, text, contact number, and more at affordable rates. Just by following a few simple steps, you can easily create customized QR codes that can be used anywhere you like.

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The main goal of any business is not just to receive but also to offer fast and easy solutions that can cater to diverse needs. Therefore, implementing QR codes has become one of the effortless marketing tools that any business should have in today's era.

Any business that is missing out on using QR codes is probably just missing out on tons of business opportunities that could help them reach their desired goals.

Therefore, we at online QR code generator provide you the chance to generate with the QR code maker and create customized QR codes anytime.

We have been listed as one of the premium online QR code generators that you would come across. From helping you grab your customer's attention, receiving payments to tracking data, everything is possible with us.

Whether it is catering to your personal needs or professional ones, our online free QR code generator does it all. The best part about choosing us is that we are available on a fully private labeled platform.

Your clients will never know that we exist and you would get a chance to take all the credit. Not to mention, QR codes are a way of making your services convenient for your customers.

One-stop solution for your Customized QR code campaign

Now, all that you need for your customized QR code campaign is available at our online QR code generator.

This means now you can add your logo or image to get more scans using our free QR code generator and customize its design as well. We believe that adding your logo to the QR codes helps you to gain the customer's trust more quickly than ever.

Also, we understand how important the data can be for your business and the opportunities you can get from those. With the help of our dynamic QR codes, you can track the important data and not let any of the golden opportunities slip from your hand.

Moreover, you can use our static QR codes using our online free QR code generator and make them valid forever. Indeed with us comes a promise of forever in the world where nothing lasts forever.

What are the QR code benefits?

We have come with an exclusive way to keep you fully engaged with the latest marketing strategy which is through using QR codes in your business. As the benefits of QR codes are underrated, here is what using our online QR code generator for creating a QR code can do to your business.

We are here to meet all your business requirements in an efficient way !!

Our QR code platform is designed in such a way that all your business requirements can be met easily. We make sure to act as a guardian angel who helps and supports you to create a successful mobile marketing campaign.

Scan Analytics

We give you access to get analytics whenever a QR code is scanned. From getting the information about the number of visitors, the number of scans, the device to location, and timing, you can have it all. We also track GDPR and CCPA complaints.


By using our QR code generator, you can gain access to a highly accurate tracking position of the visitors by seeking the permission of their irrespective location.

Scan notifications

We offer instant email notifications whenever a QR code is scanned. Also, you will get access to the other relevant information including the details of the device and location. With this feature of ours, you can reach your potential customers easily.

Scheduled redirects

Our scheduled redirect features allow you to set a particular time that would redirect the user to a specific website after the scan has been done. This automatically helps you to gain the information and adapt to the time zone.

High security

All the QR codes which have URLs encoded and created with our free online QR code generator run through a secure HTTPS connection. Keeping the delicate nature of the URL in mind, we provide email whenever it gets broken.

Exporting data

We allow you to export your statistics of the QR codes with relevant information. This information includes the date of creating the QR code with our Online QR code generator, the last date of the scan, the number of scans, and so on.

Why is a QR code generator online the best choice?

The QR code generator is one of the premium and renowned online QR code generators that you would come across. With thousands of users, we offer multiple options from which you can benefit.

There are no limitations, expiry dates, or scanning limits like other commercial QR codes that you would find in the market. We give them access to put a custom brand on the QR code following a few simple and easy steps that are readable in nature too.

With our free online QR code generator, you can make your QR codes stand out from the crowd using unique color and design options. Also, we give them access to change the body of the QR code as per your demand.

We also offer print quality QR codes that have high resolution and download them in vector form as well. This also proves that we do not compromise when it comes to quality. Lastly, all the generated QR codes are completely free and can be used anywhere you want including for commercial purposes.

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